Avast ye swabs! I’ve been working hard on a brand new collection of free design resources to share with you all. The Pirate Pack contains a mixture of vector graphics and ready-made logo templates for Adobe Illustrator, to help you quickly create pirate themed design material. Easily build logos, emblems, party invitations, t-shirt designs and more! You’ll find 50+ graphics all with a pirate theme, such as swords, sea creatures, skull & crossbones and a bottle of rum, along with a couple of rope and chain brushes and a number of pirate skulls with a selection of beards, hats and eyepatches.

Free Pirate Vector Graphics & Logo Templates Pack

My free Pirate Pack contains 50+ vector graphics of various piracy related items and 4 ready-made logo and badge templates that can be used as a base for your own identities or customised directly.

  • Nautical Vectors
    Copy & Paste these elements to easily build pirate themed designs of your own.
  • Rope & Chain Brushes
    Apply these brushes to paths in Illustrator to create ropes and chains of any length.
  • Banners & Scrolls
    Use the Type on a Path tool to add your own text within the banners.
  • Pirate Skulls
    Build your pirate mascot with a choice of headwear, beard and eyepatch.
  • Ready-Made Templates
    Use these preset templates as inspiration for your own compositions, or edit the text to customise the graphic.

The assets are supplied primarily as Adobe Illustrator AI files, but an EPS document is included for use in other vector editing software (or to rasterize in Adobe Photoshop). While the individual vector items are fairly universal, the logo templates are designed to be edited with Adobe Illustrator. Use the Type tool to edit the text, or Ungroup the elements to swap and replace any pieces to further customise the layouts. In order to retain the appearance of the ready-made logo templates you’ll need to grab the free font named Caslon Antique Bold.

Download my Free Pirate Vector Graphics Pack

Love the design? Get the t-shirt!

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  1. Hi Chris, this is amazing! Can we use some of the designs for commercial use if they are modified? Thank you for all your creative work!

  2. Timing couldn’t be better! They say if you drink rum in the morning you aren’t an alcoholic…you’re a pirate…Garrrr

  3. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the really awesome goodies.
    The pirate stuff is exactly what I was in need of.

  4. Hat’s off to ye me hearty. A big thanks fer such a wonderful bounty o’ goodies. Tis be perfect fer when talk like a pirate day be coming around later in t’ year.

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