Easily apply bold hand-drawn effects to your illustrations with my free pack of Marker Pen Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Authentically sourced from real pens, these 24 brushes provide a variety of nib styles and sizes, ranging from thin outlining strokes to thick and messy scribbles. With just a single click you can give your clean and crisp vector paths the appearance of a handmade doodle with the subtle irregularities produced by ink bleeding into the paper.

Free Pack of 24 Marker Pen Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

This free set of Marker Pen Brushes for Adobe Illustrator contains 24 art brush presets, split into six groups of Outline Markers, Medium Markers, Thick Markers, Broad Markers, Messy Markers and Scribble Markers. Within each group, there is a selection of brushes to choose from, including short strokes, long strokes, alternative strokes, and messy strokes. Apply the brush to any path created with the Brush tool, Pencil tool or Pen tool, and easily change the size by altering the stroke weight to find the perfect line style.

How To Install Illustrator Brushes

Install the brushes by navigating to Open Brush Library > Other Brush Library from the Brush panel menu. Select ‘SG Marker Pen Brushes.ai’ from the Brushes File folder in the download package. Alternatively, a standard Illustrator is included that contains a range of paths with all the brushes applied. Copy and Paste these paths into your working document to have the brushes automatically transferred into your Brushes panel.

Download My Marker Pen Illustrator Brushes

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  1. Is the texture on the brushes suppose to be on them or was that added afterwards? I’m not seeing it in the file but your wording makes it appear as if it should be there.

    • I don’t think it reads like the dot textures are there, if that is what you mean. It talks about the ink textures/bleeding into paper but that;’s all I can see. No ink texture has dots on it. So I presume this is something that is added later- I am pretty sure there are tutorials for this and texture files available for access all areas members too.

  2. Hey Chris, Just want to thank you in general for all your hard work and assets that you give us!

  3. Thank you for these and the other generous freebies. I am new to Illustrator and still learning so thanks also for your tutorials.

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