Easily add ink stamp texture effects to your logos, lettering and illustrations with the help of my new FREE Ink Stamp Texturizer. This Smart PSD for Adobe Photoshop automatically applies all the adjustments and effects. All you have to do is edit the Smart Object layer and paste in your own artwork, then hit Save. You can then choose from 10 ink stamp textures to customise the amount of distressed texturing that is applied to the design.

Free Ink Stamp Texturizer Smart PSD for Adobe Photoshop

My free Ink Stamp Texturizer produces realistic texturing effects that simulate the appearance of letterpress printing or rubber stamping, where areas of the design are textured from a lack of ink transfer, or distorted from ink bleed. By simply pasting your design into the Smart Object layer, this Photoshop document will generate the effect automatically. You can then customise the appearance with the choice of 10 texture layers to perfect the result.

Download my Free Ink Stamp Texturizer Smart PSD

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  1. I love this Ink Texture idea but I’m brand new to photoshop. Can you recommend a more detailed explanation of how to use these textures? Thanks so much.

  2. Brilliant idea for an automatic, ink stamp texture effect. You always create the highest quality products, Chris. BIG thank you!

  3. Chris, what a cool concept and nicely laid out .psd file. As a matter of fact, I’m experimenting with letterpress designs (possibly for tshirts, etc?), and this is right up my alley and will help immensely! Thanks for all you do!

  4. Thanks, Chris.

    I really have a hard time seeing dismembered imagery. Could you use something else?


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