I have created plenty of brushes and textures based on halftone dots previously on Spoon Graphics, but halftone lines are a fantastic alternative pattern that can add detailed retro effects to your artwork. This new collection of free halftone lines textures features 10 high-resolution graphics with a distressed appearance, made of evenly spaced diagonal lines at a 45-degree angle. The halftone screens were generated from heavily decayed texture images, so each pattern is unique with an array of line widths. Every texture is supplied as a standard JPG and PNG file with a transparent background for maximum versatility and compatibility with all kinds of image editing applications.

Download My New Set of 10 Free Halftone Lines Textures

Download this new pack of 10 free halftone lines textures to add detailed pattern effects to your designs. They’re ideal for creating subtle backgrounds, or distressing your artwork by overlaying them onto text, photos or illustrations.

Download my FREE Halftone Lines Textures

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  1. This is very cool. Unfortunately the link does not work. I didn’t get an email, not even in the spam folder.

  2. I absolutely love all your stuff!! And I have learned so much from your tutorials. Keep it coming!!

  3. Well, what a wonderful way to say “Happy New Year!”
    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you, Chris! (& Happy 2020!)
    Looking forward to this year’s amazing tutorials and design words of wisdom from the best source on the net!

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