My latest collection of textures has undergone some extensive processing to produce a set of versatile resources that can be used across a wide range of projects. A series of photographs of rust were first equalised to bring out the tiny details, then smoothed to produce an array of speckles with a choice of heavy to light texturing. The hard edges of typical texture files can limit their use, so these speckle textures all smoothly fade out with no abrupt lines. Then, to allow for maximum compatibility and ease-of-use, two sets of PNG files were exported with white and transparent backgrounds.

Download My New Collection of 25 Free Speckle Textures

Download this new pack of 25 free speckle textures to add dirty effects to your designs. They’re ideal for creating subtle backgrounds, or distressing your artwork by pasting the texture into a layer mask. Being PNG files means they are compatible with all image editing software, and with sizes over 3500x2500px, they are suitable for projects of all sizes.

Download My Free Speckle Textures

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