Easily make your artwork look like wheatpaste gig posters with my new collection of free paper textures. These 10 textures feature various naturally formed creases and bubbles from being saturated in glue and stuck down. Overlay the textures onto your designs to create the realistic appearance of a poster that has been hastily glued to a wall.

Download My Glued Poster Paper Textures for Free

At a high resolution of 3500x5000px at 300ppi, these textures are suitable for even the largest of poster designs. Use the Multiply blending mode over lighter designs, or try inverting the texture and using the Screen blending mode over darker areas. Make Levels adjustments to alter the contrast so the texture doesn’t darken or lighten your artwork too much. For a more advanced effect, try exporting a copy of the texture with a slight Gaussian Blur, then apply it as a Displacement Map to make your artwork distort to the folds and creases of the paper.

Download my FREE Glued Poster Paper Textures

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  1. I’m confused! How do I get these downloaded. When I press the link I’m getting a suggestion to subscribe or I can say No Thanks or choose that I’m already subscribed. But nothing happens no matter what I do. ‍♀️
    What am I missing??

    • Click the button again after dismissing the popup and the download will start immediately

    • Or right-click & open the download link in a new window … it should download

    • @Eva You could try checking your ‘Downloads’ to see if it downloaded the zip in the background. I didn’t get a confirmation when I pressed the Download button, but the zip came through just fine.
      If that doesn’t handle it, you could try CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+R to do a hard refresh of the page and try again.
      Good luck!

      • oh.
        I guess I didn’t refresh my page in a couple days; looks like this has already been handled.
        Good work team!

    • Right-click on the link and click the option to open in a new tab Open the page in a new tab it will start downloading.

  2. Thank you, so much, Chris. I really appreciate the freebies that you grant us, sir.

  3. Thank you for the freebie and the great instruction videos you make for your community.

  4. These are awesome, Chris. And your notes with hints on how to use them are SO helpful. Thanks so much!

  5. Hey, Chris. I dig learning new things from the useful tips that you generously include with, ‘I really need this freebie’.
    I do not have Photoshop; however, I find your info to be helpful for all of my software programs. Sharron

  6. Brilliant, thank you.
    Can’t wait to try it out!
    Thank you for all your tutorials and resources.

  7. Amazing thanks, great job on these. I actually shouted “at last!”. I’ve searched the web before for exactly something like this, and was working out if I could try and make my own version of these. But I’ve need to mockup out door posters a few times and this is just perfect thanks!

  8. Thank you very much Chris.
    I really needed them a few days ago.
    But it’s okay. I can use them in my next job.
    Thank you again.

  9. Great! Thanks – will surely come in handy as part of my casepresentations!

  10. Hey Chris, can you make a tutorial on how to use these?

    I’m confused on how to use them,



  11. Looks great, but this Dutch Photoshop beginner doesn’t understand how to use it. The letters on the first layer don’t “bend” with the folds from the top layer. How the ** can I do it?
    Can sombody make a step by step tutorial for dummies?

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