Add detailed organic patterns to your design work with this free collection of seamlessly repeating vector pattern graphics. Inspired by the popular research into reaction-diffusion patterns in nature by mathematician Alan Turing, these graphics are made up of intricate stripes, spots, and spirals, which have become generally known as ‘Turing Patterns’. Inside you will find 13 pattern graphics in a variety of formats, including vector AI, EPS, Illustrator pattern swatches, Photoshop Pattern files, and individual PNG graphics, making them widely compatible with all kinds of image editing software.

Download My Free Collection of Organic Turing Patterns

The concept of Turing Patterns explains how organic patterns are formed in nature, which is why these graphics tend to resemble zebra stripes, leopard spots, coral formations, pufferfish skin, and other biological formations. Each pattern style will seamlessly repeat to cover an infinite area, and the vector variants can be scaled to any size. Use them to create interesting backgrounds for your artwork, or get creative with masks to apply detailed effects to text or illustrations.

Download My Free Organic Turing Patterns

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  1. I can’t download them. When I click on the button it goes to the offer of the resource bundle, and if I delete that there is no download.

    • Click the download button again after closing the popup window, Once it has been closed it doesn’t (or shouldn’t!) show up a second time.

  2. Thanks Chris, these look really super. You really take time and effort to convert to actions, patterns different formats, etc. Thank you for your kindness.

  3. It’s very amazing sir! Great Job!
    I’m very interesting to learn more especially create somekind like that. For some Case can i use this for commercial use sir? Or any regulation use about that pattern? Thanks you.

  4. I looked at some patterns, thank you. I will have to learn how to use them and then, create !

  5. Just had the same issue with trying to download the organic package. Retried several times, even after I signed up for the bundle, which has not downloaded either. Please advise.

  6. These are really nice. I appreciate the fact they are in so many different formats. Thanks!

  7. Can’t get it to download. I’m in the U.S. if that makes a difference.

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