In my video tutorial last week I made use of my old pack of light leak overlays. I’ve used those graphics in loads of my own photos over the years, so I took some time to produce a fresh batch in a totally new style. This new pack of Free Light Leak Overlays contains 80 high-res overlay images of light flares and bokeh effects in a variety of shapes, colours and layouts. Made using a camera, a torch and coloured film, these effects are made naturally, which adds an extra level of authenticity compared to digitally created light leak effects.

80 Free Light Leak Overlays for Creating Vibrant Photo Effects

This free pack of light leak overlays contains 80 JPG images at a size of 3000x2000px. With so many unique flares to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect effect to suit the composition of your photo, from subtle red leaks from the edge of the picture, to vibrant flares that burn out a large portion of the image. Open your desired light leak in an image editing program and paste the graphic over your photograph, scaled to fit the canvas. Set the blending mode to Screen to make the black background invisible and produce a vibrant effect where the colours of the flare interact with your picture.

Download 80 FREE Light Leak Overlays

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  1. Thanks for these Chris. You do some great work, and your tutorials always give me new tips and tricks, even on techniques I thought I had mastered ages ago. Keep up the great work – it’s appreciated out in the wild.

  2. Thank you for providing these light leaks. It is generous of you to share them.

  3. Thank you @ Chris for sharing great overlays for photo effect. I am daily reader of your blog. It will definitely save time for enhancing images more professional and eye-catching . I appreciate your hard work .
    Love from Bangladesh
    Mitel Chakma

  4. Thank you for sharing these filters….some of them in list are very awesome…and so of use too. My photos can really stand out of the crowd using them.

  5. Chris,
    These are absolutely fabulous! My husband (writer, designer & fine art artist) and I were just discussing how using real/actual resources renders a finer end result than pure digital for most projects. So, thank you not only for sharing your wonderful work with us, but for taking the time to create them, as you say “authentically” :)
    Cheers & Thank you again!

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