I’ve been sending myself dotty creating my latest free design resources for you to download! Hours upon hours have been spent tediously placing hundreds of circular dots to produce a selection of pattern swatches you can use to easily add interesting backgrounds to your designs. Available in vector AI & EPS formats; PNG images with and without transparent backgrounds; and a Photoshop Pattern library, they’re conveniently ready for use in a variety of design applications.

8 Free Seamless Dot Patterns in Vector, PNG & PAT Formats

This freely downloadable set of dot patterns contains 8 seamless pattern swatches with a range of dot densities. Use them to apply visually pleasing backgrounds with additional texture and colour to your otherwise flat artwork. You have a selection of file types for all kinds of design software: Illustrator users can work with the vector graphics or import the ready-made swatches to apply the patterns as a fill. Users of other vector software should find the EPS file compatible. Photoshop users can also easily apply the patterns by importing the Photoshop Pattern library. Otherwise, the the basic PNG images are widely compatible with all kinds of design software, choose from pre-made 1000x1000px graphics, or manually tile the seamless files for each individual pattern.

Download My Free Seamless Dot Patterns

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  1. You time spent tediously creating these patterns driving yourself dotty in the process is greatly appreciated. :) Awesome set of dot patterns. Thanks Chris! All the best to you in 2019!

  2. You are the man!!! I have used several of the items I have downloaded from you … awesome items … great work!!!

  3. cute dots! and seamless! and for both vector and raster?! thank you so much Mr. Spooner, you’re so kind :D

  4. Thank you for sharing your EPIC creations.. so very generous! I am amazed at the quality and attention to detail, it’s evident you have put much time into each and every one!

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