I was breaking up a couple of wooden pallets recently, and whilst gazing upon the pile of scrap wood I was hit by a flash of inspiration to transform the planks into design resources for the world to use in their digital artwork! So I’ve been busy capturing, equalizing and processing the dirt and wood grain into a set of free vector textures for you to download. Use them as backgrounds to your designs, or paste them into an Opacity Mask in Adobe Illustrator to apply the grungy marks to any element for the popular distressed look.

20 Free Vector Pallet Wood Textures

This set of vector pallet wood textures contains 20 images made with a mix of wood grain, knots and filth. There’s a variety of natural grungy patterns taken from single planks, as well as multiple planks positioned side by side in horizontal and vertical layouts to capture the panel gaps within the texture detail. Each texture comes in AI and EPS vector formats, which allows you to scale them to any size and easily change the colour. Also included is a series of standard PNG files with transparent backgrounds, for maximum compatibility with all design software.

Download my free vector pallet wood textures

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  1. You are a gift from heaven. Love it when people make their time to inform and help other people. I am learning on illustrator so this comes more than handy. And the bundle pack, jeeez :)

  2. Spoongraphics… Thanksalot… U guys have given me alot of step by step knowledge on photoshop and illustrator… God bless you guys.

  3. Thanks very much Chris for sharing these awesome pallet textures with us! I love that you see creativity in something as humble as the wood pallet. :)

  4. I can’t thank you enough Chris I am disabled and just starting out in digital art, which I couldn’t do without just wonderfully generous people like you, I thank you again.

  5. So glad I found you. The resources you provide are truly valuable, great time savers and really help ignite the creative process. Visiting your site just makes me happy! Thank you.

  6. Chris Thank you so much for sharing. Love your stuff but the best are the tutorials, so risking to sound like I am complaining can you also do a tutorial to use this awesome wood textures? You do not know but it is Monday, it is snowing and I need to get the creative juices going! Cheers!

  7. I think it must be so hard for you to get any non-design work done as there is inspiration lurking around EVERYWHERE! Thanks Chris, this will come in very handy when designing.

  8. Too bad actual pallets can’t be vectorized. Those things fall apart so easily! LOL
    These are great! Thank you!

  9. I am on a mac, and can’t seem to unzip this file. Could you pass a .rar file to me? That worked for your signup bundle. Thanks for all the great content!


  10. Hello Chrisris, for which version of photoshop are compatible these textures because I try to open them and I do not allow it, thanks for your contributions.

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