I’ve been busy crafting a series of geometric pattern shapes for my latest free resource giveaway. These vectors are made of an array of circles, triangles and polygons that are neatly laid out into symmetrical compositions. They’re fun elements to work with when creating posters, album art or wallpaper, just like the artwork I created in my recent geometric collage tutorial. All 16 shapes come in vector AI and EPS format, each with a ‘Path’ and ‘Outlined’ version to give you the option of using them straight out of the box, or adjusting the stroke weight and style. PNG versions with transparent backgrounds are also included for fast usage in Adobe Photoshop and other image editing applications.

16 Free Geometric Pattern Shapes

Have fun combining these geometric pattern shapes with various background images to create cool artwork, or use the vector elements directly for logo designs and other illustrations. The download file contains an Adobe Illustrator CC AI file, legacy AI file back-saved for older versions of Illustrator, EPS file for most other vector based apps, and a series of PNG graphics for easy usage in all other image editing software!

Download my free Geometric Pattern Shapes

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  1. I am really looking for these great geometric pattern symbols, in the meanwhile you announced this!
    I am really surprised Brother!
    Lots of Love & Greetings from the City Of Pearls – Hyderabad, Telangana, India!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, sir. Some of the graphics remind me of when I used to use a Spirograph.

  3. Oh, cool! These DO remind one of Spirographs! I really like the image with the different photos in each segment! That is so neat!
    I sure thank you, Chris! Blessings!

  4. I’ve been plundering your free stuff and reading your tutorials for quite some time without properly thanking you for all that you do … it’s all wonderful!

  5. These are wonderful; lots of hard work! I really appreciate the time you invested in creating all of the formats (especially since I don’t have the Adobe Illustrator CC AI file, etc…programs) & then sharing the beautiful results with everyone! Thank you!

  6. One of our members has given us a challenge to use 1 of these … thank you for them and if I could make one look anywhere near as good as your examples I’d be so happy!

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