I love running Photoshop Actions on my images to quickly spruce them up with subtle photo effects, but one thing I love even more is creating my own batch of Actions. It’s fun experimenting with combinations of adjustment layers to alter the appearance of an image with different contrast and colour casts, then it’s exciting to test out that series of alterations on a range of photos to see the results. My latest free collection I want to share with you is this set of color grading Photoshop Actions that quickly enhance the tones of your images. Choose from the 15 presets to apply a range of effects, from subtle washed out looks to high contrast vibrancy.

15 Free Color Grading Photoshop Actions

Load the .ATN file into Photoshop, then choose one of the 15 Action recordings and press the Play icon to process your image with a range of preset adjustments. To fine tune the result, adjust the Opacity of the Group to tone down the impact of the effect, or dive into the adjustment layers and manually change the settings. I have just as much fun naming my Actions as I do creating them, here’s an overview of the aesthetics of each one:

  • Blackberry Stain
    Add a slight purple colour cast to your photos. This is a great choice for subtly grading your images.
  • Morning Mist
    Washes out the colour from your photograph to leave a cold and fresh feel like a misty Winter morning.
  • Horror Movie
    A dark and sinister cinematic look with a cool green tint matched to the colour of zombie flesh.
  • Dad’s Camera
    Subtle yellow tones to give your photos a bright vintage/retro vibe, just like those family photos from the beach.
  • Raspberry Tart
    Produces a sweet reddy-pink colour shift with slightly washed out tones.
  • Steam Train
    Nostaglic yellow filters and a heavy dose of film grain to mimic the appearance of antique photographs.
  • Midnight Party
    Intense contrast and vibrant colours. Perfect for night shots and cityscapes.
  • Fresh Moss
    Enhance the greens in your nature shots to give them an enchanted fairy tale look.
  • Sweet Perfume
    Beautify your portrait photographs with a bright studio like appearance.
  • Faded Dream
    Turn your images into lost memories with faded tones and faint colours.
  • Teacup Storm
    Run this Action on your landscape photographs to set the sky on fire.
  • Stunt Driver
    Create thrilling action shots with vibrant colours and high contrast.
  • Animal Lover
    Use this Action to create the most beautiful portraits of your furry friends.
  • Sunday Picnic
    Bright, warm tones to generate a relaxing atmosphere within your photographs.
  • South Coast
    Blazing hot reds, yellows and oranges that give your images an upbeat summer vibe.

Download my Free Color Grading Photoshop Actions

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  2. Wonderful photo shop action work. Sweet Perfume & Raspberry Tart i love most. You are always giving us a stunning tutorial. Hope you will share more guideline with us in near future.

  3. Nice Collection! Thanks for sharing and spend your valuable time to collect this kind of photoshop action.Once again Thank you, Chris!

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