I have a new set of free Illustrator resources for you to download today. I borrowed some of my daughter’s wax crayons to make a series of brushes that help you create hand drawn effects within your illustrations. There’s 12 in total, 3 of which are solid, whilst the others feature two colour shades that retain some of the detail from the original crayon marking scans. Unlike typical art brushes that stretch to fit, these have been made to repeat along a path for a more realistic appearance. Apply the brushes to strokes, or paint directly with the brush tool to add irregular outlines to your artwork.

12 Free Crayon Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

My free set of crayon brushes for Adobe Illustrator contains 12 pattern brushes that will repeat along a path of any length. There’s a variety of brush marks, each vectorized from real crayon scans. By simply applying a brush to your vector paths, you can give your illustrations a hand drawn appearance.

Download my Free Crayon Brushes for Illustrator

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  1. brush lib doesn’t import into my old version of Ai, but you can drag the art into the brush window and rename it…

  2. Hi there, these look amazing, but I can’t get these brushes to work with my Illustrator CS6. Any tips?

    • Are you seeing any particular errors? You can load the brushes from the Brushes panel, or if you open the AI version, there’s a series of paths with all the brushes already applied. If you copy these paths into a new document it transfers the brushes too.

      • Hi Chris, if I open the ai. file in Illustrator CS6 there’s nothing at all in the brushes library.
        If I add the three files to the brushes library folder in my computer the name comes up but there’s nothing inside any of them (the first two files come up with an error – only the legacy file looks hopeful in CS6.)
        However, from opening the legacy file in ai. I’ve managed to save them individually as pattern brushes. So, thankyou! Hope this is helpful for others with the same issue.

        • I forgot to say that there’s no paths in the ai. document. Everything is already outlined.

  3. These would be really good on a textured paper background, perhaps even brown paper. I’m thinking craft fair price tickets for some reason!

  4. Thank you, Chris, for your kindness to share many things free. I’m a photography/design hobbyist and I have no budget to purchase most things for design. I truly appreciate what you do!

  5. I LOVE these! I’ve been using spatter filter to get those rough edges, but there is always some white around the edges – these are faster and look better. Thanks!

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  7. Hey Chris! I featured this as one of my favorite freebies of the week on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

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