I’ve been having fun working on a brand new set of free Photoshop Actions to transform your photographs with various contrast and colour alterations. This collection of Cinematic Photoshop Actions contains 12 effects based on the colour grading aesthetics of popular movie genres, such as Horror, Western, Action, Romantic and more. The visual styles of these films are usually seen on the big screen, but we can replicate similar looks within still images with the help of these preset image adjustments.

12 Free Cinematic Photoshop Actions

Load the downloaded .ATN file into Photoshop, then choose one of the 12 Cinematic Photo Effect recordings and press the Play icon in the Actions panel to process your image with a range of preset adjustments. To fine tune the result, adjust the Opacity of the Group to tone down the impact of the effect, or dive into the adjustment layers and manually change the settings.

  • Horror
    Adds dark and creepy tones to your photographs with a bluey-green colour shift and a strong vignette.
  • Fantasy
    Applies punchy and vibrant colour adjustments with a focus on rich blues and purples.
  • Western
    Converts images into vintage photos with old style Sepia tones made of earthy browns and reduced saturation.
  • Family
    Dramatically brightens a photograph and boosts the vibrancy with a subtle cross processed look.
  • Thriller
    Washes out the colour and provides harsher contrast to generate darker mood within a picture.
  • Romantic
    Gives a photograph a warm and fuzzy feeling with bright orange, pink and yellow colour casts.

  • Film Noir
    Replicates the old film look with black and white tones, low contrast and heavy grain.

  • War
    Produces a desolate mood with harsh contrast, washed out colour and a strong noise overlay.
  • Adventure
    Adds excitement to a shot with vibrant colour enhancements and subtle colour shift.
  • Sci-Fi
    Transforms images with a mix of blue tones and strong contrast to create a high tech science fiction look.
  • Action
    Replicates the popular teal-and-orange colour grading used in many Hollywood action movies.
  • Superhero
    Dramatically increases the vibrancy of an image and strengthens all red and blue hues.

Download My Free Cinematic Photoshop Actions

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  1. Always a pleasure to read your posts or follow your tutorials. Your generous freebies are an amazing bonus!

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  3. These look awesome! Will they work in Elements, too, or just in Photoshop? (I have Photoshop Elements 15.)

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