One of my most used design resources is a trusty collection of subtle grunge Photoshop brushes that I’ve had saved in my collection for years. Unfortunately that brush pack seems to have disappeared from the web and is no longer available to download, so I’ve been busy crafting my own replacement set of go-to tools, and of course I’m happy to share it with all my friends! Download my subtle grunge Photoshop brushes and add them to your collection for free. There’s 10 presets at a 2000×2000 resolution that add detailed grainy textures to your work. They’re really handy tools to have saved directly in Photoshop for whenever you need to add distressed effects to your designs.

10 Free Subtle Grunge Photoshop Brushes

Subtle grunge Photoshop brushes like this are such versatile tools. I regularly use them to quickly add a touch of texturing to a background, or to rough up an element with the help of a layer mask. The beauty of Photoshop brushes is not only are they always available to grab from the brushes panel, you can also easily resize them, change the colour and apply them with just a click of the mouse, which makes regular texture image files seem so cumbersome in comparison!

Download my Free Subtle Grunge Photoshop Brushes

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  1. I got to say that at first when I ran into Spoongraphics and downloaded the free bunddle, I wasn’t that thrilled. But now, a year later, you have become my hero and I’m so grateful for your good and free resources. Muchas gracias!!!!
    (PD. Looking forward becoming an ALL area member)

  2. Hey Chris! I love your page, and I really appreciate how you do your work, but, I’m looking for a tutorial in specific, can I send you a photo to see if you have any tutorial that can help me?

  3. My son is a photo buff, and enjoys tweaking in adobe photoshop – I’ll send him a link to this site – starting with the ‘freebies’ section – thanks for sharing Chris :-)

  4. I have your earlier Subtle Grunge Brushes. Do you want me to send them to you? I’d be glad to!

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