Add cool retro style print effects to your artwork with this free collection of super-high resolution Halftone Texture Photoshop Brushes. Each brush features a unique array of halftone dots that gradually change in size to produce subtle variations of tone. There’s 10 brushes in the set, ranging from light tones made with widely spaced tiny dots, through to densely packed groups of heavy dot patterns. Applying these textures over solid colour backgrounds instantly adds subtle details and gives your artwork an old newsprint or comic book style appearance.

10 Free Halftone Texture Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

The download package contains two brush sets, one huge 5000px collection of brushes for the latest Photoshop versions, and a 2500px set for legacy versions. Choose a halftone pattern from the brush group, alter the size and make a single click on your canvas to apply the texture. These brushes are great for instantly adding interesting effects to backgrounds, or to distress your designs by applying the texture within a layer mask.

Download My Free Halftone Texture Brushes

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  1. As Roy Lichtenstein might paint, “Why, Chris Darling, This halftone set is a MASTERPIECE! My, soon you’ll have all of New York clamoring for your work!”
    Thank you.

  2. Still haven’t mastered a realistic halftone effect. Maybe these will help. Thanks for freebie, Chris. You’re the best!

  3. Another high quality, timesaving and useful graphics resource from Spoon Graphics! These halftone texture brushes are among the best and produce excellent quality. BIG thank you!

  4. Chris, i replied to receive the 10 brushes, but did not receive them.

    thank you

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