Download my new collection of grainy vignettes to add gritty effects to your artwork. These 10 free textures feature heavy speckling that gradually advances from the edges to produce a dirty vignette effect that helps you focus attention on design elements within the centre of the composition. Each image comes as a high resolution 3000x2121px PNG file with transparency, so you can quickly and easily overlay the textures onto your artwork.

Included in this collection of grainy vignettes are 10 unique textures, each with a different spread of grit and dirt. Some gradually disperse towards the centre, whilst others are more densely spread around the edges. Use them to add dirty borders to your artwork, or overlay onto photos to give them an aged and distressed vintage style appearance.

Download my 10 Free Grainy Vignette Textures

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  1. Thank you! I used to drive an old VW like that! Mine was dark green, but, it loos about the same! LOL
    These are really neat, Chris! Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you sir…redoing the website and was trying to vignette all the photos myself…but yours are so much better…exactly what I was trying for…oh and i really enjoy your tutorials

  3. Hello Chris,I am a great follower of your blog.I came contact with your blog when I do not know how to make old manuscript effect for my design.I am a illustrator.Your blog is one of the best blogs I have seen.Can you please tell me which wordpress theme you have used on your blog.It would be very much helpful .Thank You keep continuing the great work.

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