I’ve been busy playing around with a bunch of geometric shapes to produce a collection of seamlessly repeating patterns for you to download. These 10 free geometric pattern swatches come in vector format for Adobe Illustrator, a .PAT library for Adobe Photoshop, and tileable PNG images for maximum compatibility with other applications. Use them to quickly add colourful backgrounds to your artwork, or to cover large areas of mediums such as fabric or wrapping paper.

10 Free Geometric Pattern Swatches in AI, PAT & PNG Format

How to use the pattern swatches

Import the AI file into Adobe Illustrator’s Swatches panel to apply them as a fill to any shape. You can even adjust the size of the pattern using the Object > Transform > Scale menu and deselect the Transform Object option.

In Photoshop, import the .PAT to apply the patterns using the Fill tool. Change the dropdown menu in the header to Pattern.

Alternatively, tileable PNG images are also included so you can manually extend the pattern in other image editing applications.

Download my 10 free geometric pattern swatches

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  1. These are fabulous. Thanks for your generosity, I love getting your emails – they’re quite inspirational.

  2. Thank you so much! The polka dot pattern is absolutely perfect in particular. Your resources make my amateur design work for my Etsy shop much less of a headache.

  3. Thank you, sir.

    I’m sure you can appreciate that those of us who don’t have the financial werewithal are truly grateful for your giveaways.

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