I recently came across a neat design on Pinterest which featured a cool background pattern made of distorted lines, which inspired me to experiment with some similar abstract stripe effects of my own. The result is this collection of 10 free graphics that you can use as backgrounds for your artwork and designs. Each one features a busy composition of wavy lines, much like the distortion from a photocopier or scanner. The files come in vector and PNG format, so you can use them in all kinds of design applications.

10 Free Abstract Stripes Backgrounds with Distorted Lines

These 10 free abstract stripes backgrounds come in vector AI and EPS format, which can be given different colour fills and scaled to any size, as well as 3000x2000px PNG images with transparency for easy usage in non-vector design software. Use them to create striking backgrounds for your designs, wherever you have some empty space that needs filling with something a little more visually interesting!

Download My 10 Free Abstract Stripes Backgrounds

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70+1 Distorted Curves Vol.1

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Distorted Metal Vol. 1

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  1. Thank you. Are you planning to make a tutorial on how to make these types of designs?

    • I’ll add it to my list of tutorial topics. The process is fairly simple, using Illustrator to create a series of lines, then Photoshop’s Liquify filter to distort them, then back to Illustrator to vectorize the artwork, then back to Photoshop again to export PNG versions!

  2. WOW, these are beautiful! Thank you for the freebie, so kind of you – it is very much appreciated.

  3. I couldn’t not download these (apologies for the double negative!). One of my bedroom walls in high school (1970) looked like this! The other walls were bright lime green! Guess that explains some things. Thanks!

  4. I love your abstract designs; but why you have to use some idiot who has mutilated himself with tattoos escapes me. Don’t you, or anyone else for that matter, realise that this thing with tattoos is a passing phase and lots and lots of people are going to end up feeling “f*cking prawns” when the fashion passes and they are going to be faced with all the health problems caused by having tattoos, as well as the fact that they will will look very stupid indeed too their grandchildren?

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