Thor Ragnarok Style Text Effect in Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to reproduce the 80s inspired 3D chrome text effect from the title logo of the recent movie trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. We’ll use Illustrator’s simple 3D tool to give the text that three dimensional appearance, then create the shiny chrome look with a series of gradient fills.

► Dameron Font:
► Modi Thorsen Font:
► How To Create an 80s Style Chrome Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop:

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  1. Another great tutorial! Is there any chance of you writing the steps down as well for this and future tutorials? I find it hard to keep up, even when pausing and re-starting the videos. I realize that writing would take up more of your time, but it is just a thought.

    • Thanks Andrea! I’m always in need of topic suggestions so recycling video tutorials into written tutorials and vice versa would definitely help me fill out my post schedule, while also making the tips/techniques more accessible.

  2. What an awesome job you did on this! ‘Tis not particularly my cup of tea, but, fascinating to watch. And, it doesn’t matter what tut I watch, if the presenter, for instance, you, shows some cool tips! I learn so much that way!
    Speaking of tips. Here’s one!
    It is just plain polite to comment and say ‘thanks’ for a freebie or a tutorial. Someone put in some time and effort, and talent, to create the goodie/video/written tut. A thanks is deserved.
    The best part, to me, as the recipient, though, is that, with one quick glance at the comments, I can tell if I have downloaded it before or not. LOL
    Eh? How many times have you all downloaded something, only to find you have it already? LOL Or, you’ve seen the tutorial before?
    Okay, I’m done. The folks here aren’t quite the audience I should be telling this to, they all seem to be quite the commentors. But, my little tip has saved me hours of time NOT repeating something over again.

  3. Spoon Graphics: Making Illustrator look easy for a decade… thanks for the great work Chris!

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