Fun Vector Monster Face in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to combine simple shapes with colourful gradients to create a fun cartoon style monster face. We’ll just concentrate on creating the main facial features which emerge from the background in this tutorial, but you can use the same techniques to illustrate almost anything. Keeping things simple not only helps make this tutorial good for beginners to get to grips with creating vector artwork in Illustrator, but this simplistic and stylised effect lends itself well to cool avatar graphics, product skins, or even stickers if you were to crop the artwork into a circle.

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  1. Terrific tutorial Chris and the shape builder is a much easier way of creating the art instead of a clipping mask and ideal for this

  2. great tutorial. I learned a lot. Gradient tool is interesting. I really liked the look of shine and depth in the graphic. thanks

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