Retro Style Badge Logo in Illustrator

Follow my latest Illustrator video tutorial to learn how to create a retro style circular emblem, which are really popular as trendy logos or badges. We’ll build up the design with vector shapes, then apply some texturing using my free Dust & Scratches textures to give it an aged and distressed appearance.

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  1. I love the information. And this is coming from an admitted novice… but I felt like this was some sort of race to see how quickly you could do this… especially with the aggressive music.

    I will continue to follow you as your content is excellent. Just wanted to give you my humble, neophyte opinion.

    Thanks for the info and I sincerely appreciate your insight.

  2. Excellent video with some very useful simple techniques to make life easier.

    And yes, there was a chain of POWERHOUSE Gyms in NYC.

    Not sure if they exist anymore.

    P.S. Your logo is better than what they had!

  3. Fantastic instructional video for this technique.

    Liked it on facebook as we have been asked by a few of our trade customers how to do this easily.

    Keep the good work going and best regards.

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