How To Create Circular Patterns with the Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to take a look at some nifty tricks in Adobe Illustrator that can be used to create some extremely detailed patterns. I’ll show you how to make a complex circular pattern that consists of thousands of intricate paths that loop and overlap each other to produce a variety of bands that form the overall circle. It might look super complicated, but it’s actually all done with Illustrator’s Blend Tool!

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  1. Im having the same issue…after applying specified steps and increasing the space value the main circle which was applied scissors does not move. All other circles do.

  2. Wow, I just learned about replace spine, that is totally amazing. Thanks Chris, you keep teaching this old dog new tricks.

  3. Just when I think I know it all, I watch one of your tutorials and learn something new…every time. Thanks!

  4. LOVE this amazing and easy to do tutorial. Shed brilliant light on this mysterious blend tool (& I’ve been using Illustrator for years)!

  5. I’m using Photoshop and know just a few things on Illustrator (not even the basics!). So, guess what. This simple tutorial just blew my mind! Cool!

  6. Thank you – I use the blend tool all the time, but had no idea about “replace spine”!! I’ve been making brushes which take far longer and I find difficult to get right!!

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