Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5) Effect in Photoshop

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to look at creating a photo effect inspired by the loading screens and cover artwork of the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) game, which feature a life-like illustration style of the characters but with a clear digitally painted appearance. Due to the nature and theme of the game, the effect works best when combined with pictures of gangsters, fast cars and scantily dressed ladies against the city streets. While the originals were likely painted from scratch, we’ll use stock photos as the source of the effect, which will then be transformed with the help of a cocktail of Photoshop filters.

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Woman Wearing Black Go Club-printed Bandeau –

Los Angeles, California by Sean Pavone –

Free GTA Effect Photoshop Action

Free GTA Effect Photoshop Action

Download my Free GTA Effect Photoshop Action

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  1. Another great one Chris. Thanks.
    Did not know about how you picked colors from the background to blend images together. Thanks for that.
    Proves you can teach an old dog new tricks. ha ha.

  2. Thanks for the Adobe Photoshop actions. Will give them a try this weekend on the “tuff” posses of the kids. Lets see ….

    Again thanks!

  3. This effect depends on the Oil Paint filter. If the effect fails with an error referencing the oil paint filter, check Edit>Preferences>Performance for the Graphics Processor Performance (make sure the box is checked) and “Use Open CL” is checked in advanced mode. This effect works great unless your video card is giving you trouble (like my other workstation). Have fun.

  4. I think you might want to add a disclaimer stating that this effect is only achievable in Photoshop Creative Cloud version. Earlier versions have the oil paint filter in a different location or don’t have it at all. I found the Oil Paint filter useful and was unaware it existed until this tutorial, but I had to upgrade my home version in order to use the action. Thankfully my work version is always up to date ;)

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