My Top 10 Most Popular Video Tutorials from 2018

2019 is just around the corner, so it’s that time of year when I look back at the last 12 months of uploads to my Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel and share my top 10 most popular video tutorials from 2018. Channel stats on the whole are down slightly from last year, by between 15-30% in Views and Subscriber growth. This time last year I’d just about reached 200,000 subscribers, and almost a year on I’m almost at 250,000. It’s not quite the explosion from 100,000-200,000 in 2017, but it’s nice to know my channel is still steadily growing. Here’s an overview of my best performing uploads. Which ones were your favourite?

► How To Create a Surreal False-Color Infrared Effect in Photoshop –

► Text Portrait Effect Photoshop Tutorial –

► How To Create a Watercolor Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop –

► How To Create Vibrant Gradient Orbs in Adobe Illustrator –

► 5 Ways To Create a Matte Photo Effect in Photoshop –

► How To Create a “Fauxsaic” Mosaic Text Effect –

► Tiny Planet Effect Photoshop Tutorial –

► Dripping Slime Custom Type Effect Illustrator Tutorial –

► Neon Sign Effect Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial –

► Abstract Pixel Sorting Effect Photoshop Tutorial –

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  1. I used your text portrait tutorial to make a centerpiece portrait for my wedding, which now hangs in my living room. I also really liked your treasure map tutorial. It gave me useful insight on how to use the clouds filter. Thank you.

  2. I always work through your tutorials because I love to learn new things and your short tutorials help me expand my abilities in a really fun way. Thank you for all that you do. :)

  3. I don’t even know how many, or which, tutorials I have done from you! I don’t always do the entire tut. Mainly, I focus on one aspect, especially, if that is new to me. I rarely post anything I do! LOL
    I’d like to take this time, then, to tell you how much I love this place! Like an old friend, your newsletter awaits me in my inbox, frequently, ready to take me into some awesome design related ‘event’! There’ are the tutorials, even Illustrator tuts, the new websites you turn us on to, the wealth of examples of different art forms, as well as discussions, and the plethora of free products from both you and the design community! I mean, you ROCK this GIG! LOL
    Thank you, Chris! You and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!


  4. You have been a wonderful teacher to many. Subscribers will be proud of you and all the readers in this blog have been learnt so much things as I always believe. Have a good life, Chris. Stay healthy and hope you will live the next wonderful years.

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