Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to play around in Photoshop to create a cool Double Exposure effect, which is originally a Photography technique using nothing but cameras to blend two separate images together by exposing the film twice in two completely different photos. The style of this effect has also become popular with digital artists, who can use Photoshop to mimic the double exposure effect to create a surreal image. Popular examples are the True Detectives TV show intro, or if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you might recognise this effect from her latest music video.

Portrait image used:
Landscape image used:

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  1. I love the logo animation that you do for your tutorial entries any chance that you could do some tutorials on that? Particularly for people trying to learn AfterEffect, others.

  2. Love the way you present the tutorials. Enticing :)
    Thanks for the really simple, creative and quick technique.

  3. Hallo Chris,
    super tuto, thanks a lot sharing your experience with us. I am fan :-)
    i already knew your fantastic tuto :

    is it possible to make a similar one starting with the same selected girl (so no need first part of tuto again) but explaining how to add buildings cutouts like :

    i find these effects really amazing !

    best regards

  4. I learned a lot from various video tutorials. Here you used simple techniques but it creates a great result . continue and enrich us. Thanks.

  5. Another winner, Chris.

    I loved the True Detective art and have been meaning to teach myself this technique. As usual, you beat me to it and made it look easy :)

  6. Hey Chris! Great tutorial. I’m getting stuck at one spot – the section outside of my portrait that is supposed to be solid white is instead semi transparent and shows some of the mountain picture.

    Is there a setting I have wrong on my masks? I cant get it to be a solid white when I click on the layer mask icon as you did.

  7. I dream of becoming a pro on this field lol I love to Photoshop and thank you for this video. It benefited me :)

  8. Can I say, I’m glad you’re doing video tutorials now. I learn best by watching over someone’s shoulder rather than reading paragraph after paragraph about how to do something. Thank You for sharing this way. I appreciate it.

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