Compositing and Editing in Photoshop

I’ve enjoyed processing some photos of my car lately, using various editing and compositing techniques to enhance the flat and boring images that come out of the camera into vibrant automotive portraits. Today I’ll show you the process I went through to transform a rear-end shot of my Mustang in a rather uninspiring location of the local supermarket car park, into a much improved version with a dramatic backdrop, punchy colours and atmospheric lighting effects.

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  1. Looks great! The light effects of the images make it something unique. I, really, felt a professional touch on the images that you have shared on shuttershock. I think, spoongraphics is a great tool to edit and composite the images. Thank you for sharing the tutorial. It’s really great!

  2. Nice tutorial. I am a bit lost at points and like the smart graphics tips. Could you do a slower video about them sometime? Or point me to a good link, Just an idea if others chime in then it might be worth doing. It was just a bit fast for me to follow. Nice car lucky boy!

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