Video Tutorial: Stipple Shading Tattoo Illustration in Photoshop

Follow along with today’s Photoshop video tutorial to create a bold and vibrant illustration of a snake. We’ll start with a loose, initial sketch, then I’ll show you some helpful brush settings for accurately outlining your illustration. The artwork is brought to life when colour is added, then it really starts to take shape when you apply the stipple shading. A bit of polish with some Photoshop layer styles adds some finishing touches, then an old paper texture helps achieve that old-school tattoo flash look.

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Stipple Shading Tattoo Illustration Photoshop Tutorial

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  1. You know what I just realized? I’ve been following your site for over ten years. I’ve watched your videos and read the tuts. I noticed with this tut that I have adopted many of your techniques into my own digital art! I’ve read and watched countless others while learning Photoshop, but, your site is almost the only one I still watch!
    Just saying.
    Thank you!!

    • Thank you for your support over the years Su! It’s always a pleasure to see your name at the top of my Comments list on pretty much every post. While I don’t always find the time to respond to them all, I always read and appreciate every one of them

  2. Love this! I learn so many tips and techniques from you. Thanks for staying ahead of the game and sharing your knowledge.

  3. thank you so much chris !!! i am a student and i find your tutorials and resources really helpful.

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