Video Tutorial: How To Create a Retro Character Illustration

In today’s Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating a mid-century illustration, complete with distressed print effects. I’ll show you how to achieve the visual traits that give the artwork the appearance of a retro matchbook print, such as the use of limited colours, halftone shading, misregistration effects, and the all-important old paper texture that turns the clean and crisp vector illustration into a nostalgic cartoon that is full of character!

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► Download the initial sketch –
► Download my Free Vector Halftone Patterns –
► Download my Free Subtle Grunge PS Brushes –
► Old Paper Background by Krasovski Dmitri –
► Signpainter Housescript –

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  1. Cannot download the Old Paper Background without a Shutterstock membership and payment plan. I thought these were free tutorials.


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