How To Create a Pin-Up Poster in Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to create an effect that mimics the painterly look of early 20th century pin-ups. We’ll take a modern digital photograph and give it an antique appearance with a cocktail of Photoshop filters to replicate the visual traits of those original pin-up posters. Various adjustments will convert the photo into a hand-painted illustration, then an old paper texture will help distress the artwork and turn it into a vintage pin-up print.

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► See The Final result –
► Beautiful Young Woman by Zoom Team –
► Old Paper Texture by Lukasz Szwaj –
► Signpainter Housescript – No longer on Adobe Fonts. Try Corner Store instead! –

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Mockup Featuring a Framed Poster

Mockup of a Poster Hanging

Mockup of a Poster Glued to a Wall

Mockup of a Woman Holding a Poster

Mockup of a Woman Holding a Poster

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  1. You are a veritable master. Another winning tutorial. Can’t wait to try some of these techniques out. Now where can I find an image of a girl that will work..

  2. Love you, Chris! Love everything you do! Wondering, though, if all that work to remove the background was easier than simply selecting the white background with the Magic Wand or the Quick Select tool and using the Select and Mask feature around the hair? Did you opt for the pen tool selection simply because you wanted to cut out some of the bits round her legs and such? Yes, yes, I know… “more than one way to skin a cat,” and yes, the sophomoric Magic Wand tool… but hey, why not? :-)

    • Thanks Doug! I remember the other selection tools got confused by those highlights on the legs and just didn’t result in a clean outline. While the Pen tool takes a little longer, it leaves a nice smooth edge

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