Video Tutorial: How To Create a Mosaic Text Effect

In today’s video tutorial I’m going to take you through a process I’ve come up with for creating a mosaic tile effect, using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This kind of tiled effect has been quite trendy over recent years, made popular by Nick Misani and his ‘Fauxsaics‘ series, where he would produce illustrations of the place names he traveled to in the style of the kind of classic mosaic tile art found in hotel foyers and subway stations. Those Fauxsaics are painstakingly created by hand by drawing each individual tile, but my process uses the power of Adobe Illustrator to achieve a similar look. We’ll then transfer the art over to Photoshop to help boost the realism with texturing and the must-have pair of superimposed feet.

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  1. This tutorial is rad! (and funny: “Hello darkness, my old friend”) Thank you for this very informative & creative video!!

  2. Fantastic video. Besides the cool tile effect, there are some other great Illustrator shortcuts I learned from it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  3. Hey
    Your information always helpful in my work. After read your blogs i become a big fan of yours. After read this blog, i know how, i give best effect in my video. Thanks for this wonderful content. Have a Nice day.

  4. So badass! Such a detailed vid tutorial, with the final effect having many uses. Thanks so much for posting the vid & all the useful links. Btw-I purchases items from Envato/Graphic River on many occasions. Good stuff on that site!


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