How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop

Clipping a subject from its background in Photoshop has to be the most common task a designer will encounter in their every day working life. The pen tool is the go-to tool for cutting most things out, but there’s some cool techniques you can use for hair, fur and other specialty subjects. So let’s crack on and look at the tools we have available to us in Photoshop.

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  1. “If the first tool you reach for is the “Eraser Tool… you need a slap on the wrist!” You meant “face” really didn’t you Chris!? Ha ha – good stuff again.

  2. You can use Apply Image to enhance the contrast of the channel you want to use to create to turn into a selection. Use Overlay or SoftLight to do that. With the brush where you paint over the mans face , but specially on the shoulders or even hair, put the Brush in Overlay mode and you don’t have to worry about painting Black over White . Use a Soft Brush for this arts of the subject.

  3. Superb summary of selection tools and methods to remove background! I’ve spent quite a lot of time experimenting and getting myself familiar with the refine edge tool, and it’s worth it.

  4. Wonderful instructional video. I especially loved the channel selection solution. Never thought to do it that way :)

  5. Awesome rundown. Isolating hair has always been a pain to me… I learned a few new techniques. Thanks for great vid!

  6. Hi Chris,

    Thx 4 this amazing tutorial!!! Jus one simple question, what are the fonts in use for the video’s titles?

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