How to Create an Animated Cinemagraph Image

Today’s video tutorial is all about Cinemagraphs, which are cool animated GIFs where the motion is restricted to a specific area of the image. You can make Cinemagraphs from any video footage as long as there’s a combination of stationary objects and looping elements. Ideally it will have been filmed using a tripod to eliminate shaking or moving too. Clips of escalators, subway trains, or some kind of repetitive human action all produce great results, especially if there’s other areas of the shot that can be frozen to enhance the effect.

Free video clips from
Girl Looking Towards the Ocean from VideoHive:

See my original Cinemagraph tutorial from 2013:

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  1. Hey Spoon, I’ve been following your stuff for a while and learned a lot. I’m a big fan of cinemagraphs and learned to do my first ones here. Thanks a lot for the help and inspiration.
    Do you have a channel/website where you upload your cinemagraphs ? Would love to take a look.


  2. great!! you are fantastic. i recommend you to my students regularly. i hope they’re watching and contributing. love you. just keep doing what you do. you are an endless source of great info and useful tutorials…from way back. congrats on your continued success. warmly, g

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