How to Create a Gold Foil Effect in Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you a handy technique for creating a gold foil effect that looks just like the hot foil stamping printing finish that adds luxurious embellishments to printed products. We’ll first create a shiny gold texture, then apply it to some text with the help of a mask. To simulate the appearance of real foil stamping, we’ll finish it off with subtle effects like a paper texture and minor edge distortions.

How to Create a Gold Foil Effect in Photoshop

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► Showcase of Designs with a Gold Foil Finish –
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  1. PLEASE!!! Is there a written tutorial for this gold effect? Your accent is SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND, I had to keep repeating each section over and over to understand what was spoken and I still didn’t get it!!! Please help! Thank you!! Jerome

    • Hello Jerome,
      While you are listening to the video, click the gear icon on bottom of screen and slow the voice down. This has helped me.

  2. Love this effect, great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing it. ☺

  3. I join another poster here. I have had to go over and over again to try and work out this tutorial. Just too quick in parts and undecipherable. Was going great guns until I got to getting from the Gaussian Blur in the Smart Filters to the text “GOLD”. No way could I manage the square box and down arrow to text. Could you possibly do a pdf file to help us dumb ones. Or can somebody else please direct me in the right direction please. I don’t like having to give up halfway through a tutorial, but…………

  4. I echo a couple of posters above. Would love to have written directions! There are so many intricate steps.

  5. Chris
    I quit using Photoshop and now use AFFINITY PHOTO.
    Any help there? I had to quit it because of the cost.
    If you get together with Affinity, I think you’ll be surprised how many folks don’t use Photoshop anymore. Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop is a great program, but at around 500.00 a year compared to a one time fee of 25.00. Go figure.
    Thanks Chris for all the years I enjoyed with you. That might be pre-mature. I sure hope so

  6. Hey Chris!

    Thank you for creating this tutorial. Timely, too, as I have a digital product that would look awesome with this technique.

    However, I am using Affinity Photo. Will this work for Affinity?


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