How To Create a Fun Vector Illustration

In today’s Adobe Illustrator video tutorial I’ll take you through the process of creating vector artwork with just a handful of basic tools, simple shapes and flat colours to build up a fun composition. Abstract vector illustrations like this can be applied to anything, it could be printed on the back of a business card, applied as a skateboard deck or even made into a vehicle wrap! That’s the power of vector graphics, their infinite scalability and crisp lines makes them really versatile and ideal for printing.

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  1. Wow, each and every of your tutorial always amazes me. What a big contrast to the last tutorial article! I’ve just learnt about making a photorealistic metal badge in Photoshop, now it’s an elegant and detailed vector pattern like artwork with a flat design. How fruitful!

  2. Very helpful understanding of some of the basics from Illustrator, some good pointers from which will definitely help speed up my process. Thanks! :)

  3. Ok, this is driving me crazy but each time I am trying to draw the second open shape using the pen tool (with 3 points), once I apply the brush it closes the path with a black triangle. Do you have any idea why?
    It’s at 3m54sec
    I’d love to keep doing the tutorial but I am stuck there. :(

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