How To Draw a Rocket in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to play around with various shapes to build a simple little rocket spaceship. We’ll use basic shapes to not only make creating the illustration easy, it also gives it a stylised, cartoon like appearance. After building the outlines we’ll add some colour to bring it to life, then I’ll show you some techniques for producing different kinds of illustration styles.

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  1. Chris, you are a godsend. Though there are a plethora of ways to receive design tips and tutorials these days, yours seem to come at just the right time (hats off for the intuitive sense) and the waste-no-time instruction videos allow for one to grasp the workflow, then go back and really learn the tools and processes. I am a part-time, semi-professional designer without formal training… and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all you offer and the way that you do so.

    Many, many thanks!

  2. Very nice Chris. Super quick.. had to reverse a couple of times, ‘cos ‘I’m a soft ‘as’, southerner.’.
    Was always a Freehand bloke back when, and never really mastered Ai completely.. Great stuff!

    Good work

  3. Chris, I follow your website since, well… forever! But this is my first time writing a comment. I love my new rocket! I’m a graphic designer, but learned so many tips and tricks with this tutorial. So, thank you for all the great tutorials and value you provide for us!

  4. Great tutorial. I had so much fun learning how to draw I went back to my file to personalize and created a torpedo the second time around!

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