How To Create a Stipple Illustration Effect

In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to show you a technique I come up with to replicate those intricate stippled illustrations that are made out of thousands of tiny dots, but without the tedious process of dabbing each dot with a pen.
When it comes to traditional art styles like this, the best results are always achieved by painstakingly working by hand for hours on end, but I think this digital effect actually looks pretty authentic. We’ll create a series of patterns which will help us fill out the spread of dots much faster, then use some simple filters to apply the stippling to an image.

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    • You get the best results when photos are converted to black and white, otherwise the Posterize step gets a little crazy. I suppose you could try painting the dots afterwards using a channels selection or blending mode to create a full colour stippled effect.

  1. How clever! That is very neat! I did a stippled ‘drawing’ in art in college of the light and shadows coming through a little bottle. Dang, there were a lot of dots!! If I ever do another, it will be much smaller! LOL
    That was pre-Photoshop days.
    Thank you for your clever trick!

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