Create a 3D Anaglyph That Really Works!

In today’s Photoshop video tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating a retro 3D effect that really works. If you cast your mind back to the 3D movies, comics and posters from your childhood, you’ll remember those comedic glasses with red and blue lenses that bring the effect to life. Stereoscopy is the scientific term behind how these images work. By overlapping two images using the red and blue channels, it produces an anaglyph 3D image that jumps out from the screen when viewed with colour filtered specs.

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► A Scene of Verona, Italy (Stereo Pair) from Shutterstock –
► Tip of canoe over a lake photo from –

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  1. I think on the lake you got the greys in the wrong order. The mountains should shift the least, the boat should shift the most.

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