How To Colorize a Black and White Photo

I spent some time the other day experimenting with colorizing a black and white photograph. The image I worked on is a photo of my Grandad during WW2. The original has that washed out sepia look to it, as you would expect from a snapshot from the 1940s. But after scanning and processing it in Photoshop, it’s brought to life in full colour and much better contrast, which really helps you imagine the scene for real.

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  1. Nicely done Chris, I’ve never had to do it myself but I would imagine that patience is it’s own reward with something like this

  2. Great video. I usually colorize with separate light color and use opacity. Adding in all the extra colors on separate layers is a great idea.

  3. I love colourising old black and white photos, I have used a few different techniques, but I really like this, I’ll certainly have a bash with it on my next conversion.
    Many Thanks

  4. Excellent tutorial a bit fast but then you can just stop it and have a go. well done

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