Adobe Illustrator ‘Futuristic Gradient Speed Lines’ Text Effect

I’m not entirely sure what to call the text effect I’ll be showing you how to create in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, but it’s the kind of futuristic text style you might see on old VHS tapes, old sci-fi movie titles, or maybe even classic sports or tech brand logos. The best name I can come up with is ‘futuristic gradient speed lines’! The process of creating this effect is quite simple, but it includes some must-know techniques that can be applied to all kinds of projects in Illustrator. I’ll first show you how to permanently apply the effect to some text but stick around to see an alternative method that keeps the text editable.

► Activate the Eurostile font –

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  1. Adobe illustrator provides an amazing feature. I have use this speed line text effect.

  2. Happy New Year…Chris. I have use this illustrator text effect. Watch & Learn from your video. Thank you so much.

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