Abstract Pixel Sorting Effect in Photoshop

In today’s Photoshop tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating an abstract piece of artwork that features the Pixel Sorting effect, which is a type of glitch art that’s usually generated by computer code, but we’ll be replicating the appearance with Photoshop’s built in filters. If you search for pixel sorting artwork on sites such as Pinterest you’ll see some great surreal artworks where the effect is combined with a normal photograph, usually with these extended pixels drooping from a pair of sunglasses or in place of a subject’s entire face. That’s exactly what we’ll be producing in this tutorial, an abstract art piece that features a female face with long glitchy pixels that extend vertically from her sunglasses.

► Woman Taking Selfie – http://spoon.graphics/2HWaMl7
► Group of Friends Hanging Out – http://spoon.graphics/2DNtN6T
► Free DuoTone Gradient Presets – http://spoon.graphics/2vR5owo
► Free Pixel Sorting Photoshop Action – http://spoon.graphics/1Xqb6KG

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  1. This is pretty cool! I haven’t seen much done with the ‘Wind’ filter. A lady who designs digital scrapbook supplies created an ‘ikat’ action, a few years back, that employs ‘Wind’. Ikat is a fabric design. https://youtu.be/YiHh8M659bY
    Thank you very much!!

  2. Wow! I’m impressed with the combination of artwork effect with photoshop. It is very outstanding results. Thank you for sharing and i hope to see more posting and video from you soon.

  3. Really, it’s a very interesting stuff to learn.I never used wind effect like that.Thanks, now I will want to use this effect for making some fun thing.

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