How To Make a Fun Oil Painting Pet Portrait in Photoshop

Follow along with today’s Photoshop tutorial to turn your pet into a renaissance masterpiece. We’ll use a public domain oil painting of a 19th century Dutch General as the source, then combine some Photoshop filters to apply the painterly look to a digital photograph to blend the two images into a comedic portrait that is cute, surreal and hilarious at the same time!

How To Make a Fun Oil Painting Pet Portrait in Photoshop

► Antonie Frederik Jan Floris Jacob van Omphal painting –

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  1. Jake is a handsome boy! He has the distinguishing gray around his muzzle that says, “I’m a gentledog!”

    Great tut, Chris! Thanks!

  2. Where did you get that great-looking picture frame and how did you further edit the image within the frame ???

  3. Well done sir! It’s refreshing to see someone who really knows Photoshop! Great project and great job!

  4. Wednesday was my dog’s “birthday,” i.e. rescue date and we had a small party (“we” being my family and I, not just the dog and I). I used this tutorial to create a graphic for the cake and it came out perfectly. Great job!

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