Illustrator Tutorial: Sketch to Vector Character Illustration

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you my process of converting a rough sketch into a vector illustration by turning one of my old doodles into a cute yeti cartoon character. By tracing the initial sketch with as many basic shapes as possible, we can achieve a simple ‘flat’ illustration style. The addition of colour fills and strokes using a cold palette of pale blue hues really brings the character to life, then I’ll show you an easy shading technique that enhances your illustration while retaining the simplified ‘flat’ vector look.

Illustrator Tutorial: Sketch to Vector Character Illustration

Assets used

► Download my Yeti character sketch to follow along:

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  1. This is an amazing tutorial. Having learned how to use Illustrator so long ago and not keeping up with the latest tools and tips, I am doing things the hard way! This tutorial just blew some of my old methods out of the water. Thanks!!!

  2. Brilliant tute, learnt about 15 things I didn’t know, refined about 20 others & helped speed up my workflow, kudos.

  3. What a great tutorial, I’ve learned so much from this. That shading trick in particular is something I can use on all sorts of stuff. Thank you!

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