How To Create Detailed VINTAGE Text Effects The EASY Way!

Detailed vintage lettering is one of the coolest text effects you can make! Originally these kinds of embellished titles were drawn by hand as the cover art for old insurance maps from the likes of the Sanborn map company. Painstakingly illustrating artwork like this by hand is a dying art form that would have taken years of training to become a master of penmanship, but we can easily make similar text styles with digital tools. Follow along with this tutorial to create detailed vintage text effects the easy way with the powerful tools available in Kittl.

How To Create Detailed VINTAGE Text Effects The EASY Way!

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  1. Thank you ,thank you, thank you for this Chris! Kittl is the best thing ever! I love Canva and Kittl is 100% better. I am having a blast with my first project, but had to pop on here and say thanks. I had no idea such a thing existed. Your video (which I got in your newsletter) was just what I needed. Thanks again.

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