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Tutorial Roundup for Getting Started with InDesign

InDesign is my application of choice for any large scale print jobs. Any project that is made up of multiple pages is a breeze with InDesign’s advanced desktop publishing powers. This roundup of tutorials is especially for those of you looking to get started with InDesign. Follow these guides to learn all about specific tools, or go through complete design projects step by step.

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Upgrade Your Font Library with These Professional Level Typefaces at 99% Off

Is your font library in need of an upgrade? If so, you won’t find a better deal than this bundle of professional level font families. This collection is discounted by 99% for a limited time, giving you the opportunity to acquire $2485 worth of top quality fonts for just $29. It contains some exceptional typeface designs that are ideal for logos, headings, and producing top class typography for your graphic design projects. Each one is a comprehensive package with multiple weights, styles, and alternate characters that at its regular price usually sells for more than the discounted price of this entire bundle!

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The Extra Features of Adobe CC You Might Not Be Aware Of

Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry-standard collection of design software many of us have routinely renewed every year to acquire the applications we rely on in our day to day design projects. Creative Cloud plans offer much more than just creative apps but it can be easy to miss loads of bonus features that are available to you in addition to the specific software from the vast Adobe range that you need. In today’s post I give an overview of some really useful features you already have access to as a CC subscriber, but might not be aware of. Did you know you can get loads of fonts, cloud storage and stock images at no extra cost?

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Rosalinda Script Font for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a beautiful script font to download this week, courtesy of Elena Genova from My Creative Land. Rosalinda is a new handwritten typeface designed with wedding invitations in mind but can be used for various purposes like t-shirt design, logos, quote design etc. The font contains 900+ characters and is packed full of OpenType features that provide endless customisation with alternative styles, ligatures and elegant swashes. With extensive multilingual support, this is a professionally crafted typeface of the highest calibre!

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Expand Your Font Library With 271 Stunning New Fonts For Just $29 (99% off)

A great opportunity to give your font library a major upgrade has just arisen, which will save you thousands of dollars on some high quality typefaces, including some recognisable classics! This new Professional Font Selection from Design Cuts contains a total of 271 fonts between 17 font families, each selected for its class and professionalism. Acquire the URW foundry’s recreation of the famous Bodoni typeface, along with a well balanced selection of serifs, sans-serif, slab-serif and hand drawn display typefaces to provide you with a versatile typographic toolkit that will serve you for your entire design career!

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Over 200 Vintage Engravings for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a huge collection of more than 200 old engraving illustrations to download this week, courtesy of Benjamin Babron. Sourced from a French catalog of printing plates from the early twentieth century, everything in volume 9 is themed around hunting, military and firefighters. Images include depictions of weapons, prey, trophies, hunters, soldiers, helmets, coats of arms and more, all in an authentic engraved illustration style.