Further Your Design Career with this Essential Toolkit

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If you’re a freelancer or a designer as part of an agency, this toolkit is made just for you! It’s packed full of world class fonts, vectors, mockup templates, branding templates, infographics, backgrounds and more, all of which can be used in every single design project. This bundle will help you land better clients, showcase your work in style and set you up with professional legal documents. At 97% off, this is a unique opportunity to invest in your design career.

24 Exceptional Quality Font Families For 98% Off!

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Today is a good day for font lovers. A brand new fonts bundle has just gone live over at Design Cuts and this one is a whopper! This latest deal is a collection of 24 fonts that have been hand picked for their exceptional quality, then slashed with an unbeatable 98% discount and given the best license terms available anywhere to provide the ultimate value for money.

Create Stunning Designs with this Bundle of Best Selling Backgrounds, Textures & Patterns

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The background of a design is the foundation on which everything else is built upon. It can be a subtle texture to give the design a tactile appearance, a cute pattern to set the theme of the design, or it could incorporate stunning artwork to catch the viewer’s attention. This new limited time bundle from Design Cuts contains all the different types of backgrounds you could ever wish for with its compilation of best selling textures and patterns. A lot of the items are rare types of resources too, such as the complex polygon backgrounds that require complicated 3D tools to produce, or detailed artistic patterns in super high resolution.

99% Off 15 Versatile Font Families (Saving $1700+)

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I know my readers love a good fonts bundle, so I’m excited to share the news about the latest deal from Design Cuts. This collection of 15 professional quality, hugely versatile font families is their lowest price bundle yet at just $15 after the insane 99% discount. That’s a saving of over $1700! This bundle was made with direct feedback from the community, so it contains the best fonts designers like you and me asked for. This means there’s an awesome variety of clean/corporate fonts, artistic/brushed fonts, calligraphic/scripted fonts, and vintage/retro fonts from some of the top font foundries in the world.

A Mammoth Variety Pack of Design Resources. Just $29

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When I heard the news about the Mammoth Creative Design Collection, I knew this latest bundle from Design Cuts was going to be good! This is their highest quality, most creative bundle yet. It contains 30 best selling design resources with a nice mix of fonts, vectors, textures, brushes, effects packs, mockup templates, graphics and much more, making it a fantastic variety pack to give you lots of new items to create cool stuff with! Some of the items included cost twice as much as the entire bundle, which just goes to show how much value you’re getting for the $29 price tag after that mammoth 96% discount.

My Web Design Blog is For Sale on Flippa

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Are you a Web Designer who would you like to earn over $1,500 per month in passive income while boosting your freelance career? You might be interested in becoming the new owner of my web design blog, which is currently up for auction on Flippa. After launching the site in 2009 and growing it over the past 6 years, I’ve decided now is the time to pass it on to someone else. I’ve lost interest in the web design scene, and the arrival of our baby daughter means I don’t have as much time to put into my other ventures. With 10,000+ visitors per day, 23,000+ subscribers and 27,000+ followers, it’s an established blog in the design community that could provide someone with a new career.