The Best Free Alternatives to the Most Popular Fonts

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Look at the best sellers on the big font shops and you’ll see the same names sitting proudly in top spot. Proxima Nova, DIN, Futura and Brandon Grotesque in particular are extremely sought after typefaces that are commonly used in web design, branding and print. It can be pretty expensive to acquire these fonts, which means it’s often beyond the budget of most designers. Thankfully there’s some free typefaces we can rely on that actually match up fairly well. In today’s post I round up 10 of the most popular fonts and give my recommendations of the closest alternatives that can be used with Google Fonts or downloaded for free.

20 Free Editable CV/Resume Templates for PS & AI

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Do you need a CV/Resume for a job application fast? This roundup of ready made, editable templates for Photoshop and Illustrator will help you quickly create a stylish overview of your skills and background to send off to prospective employers as a print or digital PDF file. Alternatively, use these clean designs as inspiration for your own layout that’s uniquely branded to yourself. All these templates use standard A4 and/or Letter paper sizes with freely available fonts to ensure they’re completely usable in the real world.

Showcase of Incredibly Realistic 3D Neon Sign Designs

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Neon signs are more popular than ever in the design and advertising world at the moment with 3D software such as Cinema 4D allowing digital artists to create incredibly realistic artwork. I’ve been admiring some stunning renders of neon signs that you wouldn’t believe were not real if it wasn’t for the accompanying ‘work in progress’ shots that show off the build process. Admire the detail of the models and beauty of the light reflecting materials as you browse through this showcase of amazing 3D neon sign designs.

My Top 30 Fonts with the Sexiest Ampersands

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Whats your dream character? Small and curvy? Tall and strong? Whatever your type, you’ll see the most attractive glyphs in this typographic beauty contest. The ampersand is every typography addict’s favourite ligature, but which font has the best? I searched the world’s font foundries to create a showcase of the most beautiful ampersands, find the one that takes your fancy.

33 Free PSDs to Mockup Your Packaging Designs

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Out of all the different types of mockups, the templates featuring different types of packaging are probably the most useful for giving an insight into how your design will actually look when it’s printed or manufactured. This is especially true for boxes where the digital design can only be seen as a flat net, or bottle labels where the design will be curved around the product. In today’s post I round up a collection of free mockup templates for various packaging styles including bags, sleeves, boxes, bottles and more!

A History of Typeface Styles & Type Classification

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Typography is a complicated subject to learn, but starting with the history of type styles is a great way to gain an understanding of why there’s so many fonts, and why they look so different! Typefaces are divided up into classifications based on the era or characteristics of their design, which helps narrow down your options when choosing a font for your projects. Being able to identify a typeface style can help you make educated design decisions and choose the best font for your work depending on its use. In today’s post I give a brief overview of the main typeface classifications of serif and sans serif fonts that have emerged throughout the history of movable type.