20 Tutorials to Help Master Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh

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The gradient mesh is one of the most powerful tools in your Illustrator toolbox, but it’s also one of the trickiest to get the hang of. This year I’m determined to master this amazing tool, so I’ve searched the web far and wide to pull together the best free training materials. This collection of tutorials covers everything from basic gradient mesh tool use to some full on photorealistic vector designs. If, like me you have a mission to get to grips with gradient mesh, look no further than this collection of resources.

Gradient mesh capabilities

You only have to glance at amazing artwork such as this motorcycle rendering by Yukio Miyamoto to realise how powerful the gradient mesh tool can be. It allows the most minute control over colour gradients, enabling you to recreate highlights and shadows that help produce photorealistic images.

I like to think of the gradient mesh like the great Nunchaku, it’s a weapon of awesome capabilities that when used to its full potential by masters like Bruce Lee or Michelangelo the turtle looks insanely awesome. However it takes years of practice to become a true ninja. The same goes with the gradient mesh, when in the hands of a veteran, it can be used to create some unbelieveable photorealistic artwork, but it takes time, dedication and mental power to become a true master. Wrap a scarf around your head Karate Kid style and let’s get down to some serious training with these tutorials!

Gradient mesh tutorials

Tips for Working with the Gradient Mesh Tool In Illustrator

View the tutorial

How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon

View the tutorial

Illustrator Tutorial: Gradient Mesh Flower

View the tutorial

Create a Yummy Ice Cream Icon with Mesh Objects and Blends

View the tutorial

Create realistic illustrations using Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh

View the tutorial

Vectors Imitate Life with Gradient Mesh

View the tutorial

Gradient Mesh Tutorial

View the tutorial

Illustrate a Pair of Sweet Gradient Mesh Cherries

View the tutorial

Gradient Mesh Bell Pepper Tutorial

View the tutorial

Master the gradient mesh tool

View the tutorial

Make a Shiny Gum Ball Machine with Mesh Gradients

View the tutorial

Gradient Mesh Editing Tutorial

View the tutorial

How to Create an Energy Saving Bulb in Illustrator

View the tutorial

Mastering Mesh

View the tutorial

Make an Aurora Borealis Design in Illustrator

View the tutorial

Illustrator Tutorial: Realistic Curtain

View the tutorial

Video Tutorials

Sometimes it’s handy to get that extra level of help from a video screencast. These tutorials help you understand the actual workflow and see the techniques in action.

The Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh Tool

View the tutorial

Intro to the Gradient Mesh Tool

View the tutorial

Create an iPod Nano Using Gradient Mesh

View the tutorial

Gradient mesh, freshly brewed coffee

View the tutorial

Reshaping Mesh to fit into complex shapes (pt1)

View the tutorial

Adding color to each mesh node (pt2)

View the tutorial

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  2. Awesome list, whilst there are thousands of tutorials to be found for Photoshop, there are nowhere near as many when it comes to Illustrator – an application I am determined to master. Thanks!

  3. Amazing really, the things that you can do with Illustrator. I’m not very advanced yet, and I’m not even sure where to start with gradient meshes but I will definitely refer to this post again next month when I delve more into Adobe Illustrator. Thanks Chris!

  4. sriganesh says:

    nice tutorial and i really stuck with mesh tool i seen this , but never tried it, thanks for this post , i should get practiced for this . good work :D

  5. Amazing stuff. Really need use illustrator more :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I already have good skills with gradient mesh, but this colors, textures and lights are just amazing! Great post ^_^

  7. ajl says:

    Great list! 10x for sharing.

  8. I don’t use gradient mesh much but I did once just to see if I could. Here is a sample of what I did.

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    I think gradient mesh is one of most important part of illustrator. If one learns it, then you can master the illustrator as well.

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    Mesh is always cool. Thanx for the links.

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  17. These are great, i’am really rusty with illustrator, but i’am gonna work at it.

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