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  1. MaurĂ­cio says:

    Again, a great tutorial!
    Congratulations Mr. Spooner!

  2. WOW! This is nice :D

    -Urban Squid

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hi! Just started following your great blog! Thanks for all the great design and good information!!
    Regarding today’s post, may I ask how you gave the badge the texture at the end? I’m currently working on something that needs that look. Many thanks again!!

  4. Kurt says:

    Hey Chris,

    Great post, really insightful and great use of the envelope distort option!

    I’ve been using Illustrator for years now and never realized how easy it is to make curved vectors by simply using that tool.

    Oh yeah, and the logo looks flawless!


  5. Excellent tutorial!
    I always learn something from your expert explanations – brilliant graphic too!

  6. amir Sattar says:

    Great! Can you teach me how to make retro noise effect in any logo or Poster?? :(

  7. simply creative presentation.

  8. Great tutorial, simple yet affective.

  9. flor-unikon says:

    This is really outstanding custom logo article. Many thanks pertaining to created fantastic tutorial.

  10. y8 says:

    very detailed instructions.and I have done

  11. Digital Yak says:

    This is a great tutorial, I’ve picked up some great tips and tricks – nice one!

  12. Ambika Arora says:

    superb work done

  13. Zhangxiaoran says:

    Thanks! It’s better that you make them as video tutorials for beginner :)

  14. Samir says:

    easy to follow tutorial, thanks !

  15. This tutorial professionally look brilliant. This whole blog post really fantastic. i have started follow this useful blog.

  16. Suzzane says:

    Liked your post….

  17. Great post! Such a useful informative creation of Military Style Emblem Logo Design. It is really helpful to me & thanks for sharing.

  18. Raky says:

    WOW! Thanks for this tutorial, i made a design class and not have more details than yours tutorials, thanks for this work.

  19. SooN says:

    Does anyone know how did he apply the texture?

  20. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. David Warner says:

    It is a very detail tutorial and the best part is that you have taught us to make a logo in illustrator. So we can use this go in various sizes without pixelating.


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