Vintage Logo Elements for Access All Areas Members

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This week I teamed up with Ian Barnard of Vintage Design Co to arrange some fantastic resources for Access All Areas members. The Vintage Logo Elements Collection contains 75 vector elements to quickly build trendy vintage style identities of your own, as well as a bonus set of 10 high resolution texture files to distress your designs to achieve that classic vintage look.

The Vintage Logo Elements Collection

Ian Barnard is a talented logo designer & illustrator who creates and sells amazing hand crafted resources in his Vintage Design Co shop. His marketplace is packed full of logos and resources that can be quickly and easily customised to create authentic vintage style identity designs. Ian is kindly treating Access All Areas members with his Vintage Logo Elements Collection, a comprehensive set of all the graphic styles you could ever need to create vintage logos.

The Vintage Logo Elements Collection preview

The Vintage Logo Elements Collection is made up of 75 vector elements ranging from commonly used icons to ornate borders and emblem backgrounds. These are a real time saver, allowing you to copy/paste elements into your designs rather than tediously trace images into vector format.

Vintage textures preview

Alongside these cool vector elements the pack contains 10 super high resolution textures complete with PNG alpha transparency. Use these textures to finish off your vintage designs with that classic weathered look.

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  1. Diane Stafford says:

    Many thanks for these lovely resources.

  2. Rudi van Jaarsveld says:

    Awesome pack! Thank you!!!

  3. Connor Hipps says:

    So very thankful for designers among the likes of y’all.


  4. Antoine Soriano says:

    yes yes, many thanks. With your help i spend less time on working and more enjoying life :)

  5. merideth mccluskey says:

    Great stuff. Thank you.

  6. Richard Murphy says:

    Thanks for putting this great little package together. Top goodies.

  7. Soraia Ajihil says:

    Thank you! These are great! :)

  8. Su Hall says:

    Good stuff, man! Thank you very much!


  9. Gabrielle Miller says:

    Wow, I just signed up for the all access and am already thrilled with all the tools being sent my way. Chris, I think you have the best blog on the Internet. Thank you for everything!

  10. Brian Hermelijn says:

    Thank You!


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